6-9 February 2017
Australia/Sydney timezone

Scattering techniques offer a unique non-destructive statistical perspective on structure and spatial arrangements of structure in soft condensed matter at length-scales ranging from nm to 10's of microns.  As such the techniques are powerfull characterisation tools in biology, polymer and materials science, biochemical sciences and in colloidal domain. This workshop follows on a series of meetings aiming to introduce researchers to a range of scattering techniques, with emphasis on their application to diverse areas of research in soft matter. This year's meeting will take place at ANSTO.

The workshop is suitable for experienced researchers, ECRs and post-docs and PhD/Honours students.

There will be opportunities for students to present posters of their research, even if they are not related to scattering - this will allow people to get feedback from experts on how the techniques discussed in the workshop may benefit their research.


The overall themes of the workshop are:

Research seminars highlighting how these techniques have been applied to soft matter research. 

Introduction to scattering formalism (applied to pulsed field gradient NMR, neutron, X-ray and light scattering techniques).

Experimental practice.  Practical sessions on Quokka (SANS), Bilby (time of flight SANS), Kookaburra (USANS), Platypus (neutron reflectivity) and Sika (membrane diffraction).

Data reduction, analysis and interpretation. 

The practicalities of accessing instrumentation, both laboratory based and at major facilities.

Confirmed Speakers:

Prof Gary Bryant (RMIT University) - Light scattering for soft matter

Dr Stephen Holt (Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering ANSTO) - Neutron reflectivity.

Dr Christine Rehm (Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering ANSTO) - USANS at ACNS

Dr Yacine Hemar (University of Auckland, Director - Food Science) - Diffusing wave spectroscopy.

Ashish Kumar (MEP Instruments) - RheoScattering Measurements

Dr Isja De Feijter (SAXSLab) - Introduction to SAXS

Dr Nicolas De Souza  (Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering ANSTO) - Nanoscale relaxations in soft matter, as probed by quasi-elastic neutron scattering

Dr Stephen Mudie (Australian Synchrotron) - SAXS/WAXS Beamline at the Australia Synchrotron

Dr David Poger (University of Queensland) - Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Lipid Bilayers

Dr Chris Garvey (Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering ANSTO) -Diffraction in the Mescoscale

Dr Andrew Whitten (Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering ANSTO) - Shape reconstruction of proteins from small angle scattering data.


Some other useful information:

Getting to ANSTO

Each day of the meeting there will be bus running to and from Sutherland station.

There are limited public transport options (fewer on the weekend). A bus will be running from Sutherland Station for each day of the meeting.

A taxi from the airport to ANSTO will cost ~A$90-100.

A taxi from Sutherland station to ANSTO will cost ~A$25-30.


Please contact Rachel Caldwell for further information.  Please also  note that we will have a dedicated bus for the meeting running from Sutherland station each day so city accommodation would be an option.


We'd like to thank the following organisations and companies for their support of the meeting:









Today’s instruments. Tomorrow’s insights

ATA Scientific specialises in sales, support and service for a range of specialised analytical instruments in the areas of Particle, Material and Biomolecular Science and SEM imaging.  The Malvern Zetasizer is a high performance particle size analyser that uses Dynamic Light Scattering with Non-Invasive Backscatter optics for enhanced detection.

Malvern Zetasizer demonstration will be held on Tuesday 7th February at 11:55 am.


ATA Scientific, PO Box 2172, Taren Point, NSW, 2229

enquiries@atascientific.com.au   Tel: (02) 9541 3500


Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation New Illawarra Rd, Lucas Heights NSW 2234

Registration - $100
The registration fee will cover a bus from Sutherland station to ANSTO each day and back each evening.

There are a limited number of budget twin share rooms at the venue.

Limited funding available for students,

Please contact Chris Garvey

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