24-25 November 2016
National Centre for Synchrotron Science
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Organising Committee

Organising Committee

Kevin Jack UAC Chair
Rosalie Hocking Past UAC Chair
Geoff Waterhouse UAC
Alice Vrielink UAC
David Turner UAC
Anthony Chesman UAC
Suzanne Neville UAC
Richard Haverkamp UAC
Leonie van't Hag UAC
Bettina Richen Australian Synchrotron
Michael James Australian Synchrotron


Program and User Advisory Committee


Anthony Chesman CSIRO
Jack Clegg University of Queensland
Jeff Crosbie RMIT
Peter Czabotar Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Roland De Marco University of Sunshine Coast
Leonie van't Hag CSIRO
Richard Haverkamp Massey University New Zealand
James Hester ANSTO
Rosalie Hocking James Cook University
Kevin Jack University of Queensland
Peter Kopittke University of Queensland
James Murphy Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Suzanne Neville Monash University
David Beattie University of South Australia
David Turner Monash University
Alice Vrielink University of Western Australia
Geoff Waterhouse University of Auckland
Mark Styles CSIRO
Zhaoming Zhang ANSTO


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